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Mission statement

Optivita is committed to helping you improve your everyday way of life. Eating habits, fitness levels, nutritional assessment, goal setting and encouragement defines our mission. We start from where you are and work with you to build a healthy eating plan that is integrated with your lifestyle.

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Programs

Have you ever wondered why 95% of all diets fail?
 It’s because most diets slow down your metabolic rate from drops in hormones (due to under eating), loss of lean muscle mass (from lack of resistance exercises, poor diet choices, and acclamation to the new calorie intake), and trying to follow a nutrition plan that is unrealistic.
Getting lean is only the first step, staying lean is the goal. Decreasing the efficiency of your metabolism is setting yourself up for failure. There is a truth to how our bodies really work and believe it or not there is only one true way to lose unwanted body fat forever.
We at Optivita Nutrition not only show you how to make proper lifestyle choices, we teach you why. Education is the key to healthy living and without knowing why you are eating and exercising the way you need to, you will never make it a permanent part of your life. Diets and workouts should never feel like a chore, they should be fun and enjoyable. Here is a breakdown of what our services include:

  • First, we do full Par-Q and health history profiles to make sure you are ready to begin your new diet and exercise program.

  • Then we do a full work up on you by checking your body fat percentage, body weight, circumference measurements, calculate your metabolic rate, analyze your diet history by reviewing everything you eat throughout the week, plus much more!

  • After we review your current diet program and figure out why you are not accomplishing your goals, we design a personalized diet plan for you that will include only foods that you enjoy to help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Once your meal plan is designed, we recommend supplements that fill in the gaps of your diet. We make sure you are only deficient in calories, not essential nutrients.

  • Then we come up with a resistance training program based around your genetics, time frame, experience, available equipment, and goals.

  • We also design a cardiovascular program geared towards your goals and body type. You will be given cardio programs weekly that are not just effective, but fun! You will learn the differences between over-distance and HIIT training plus much more.

  • Once we have all of this set up for you, we will begin to have weekly sessions with our consultants where we check your body fat and other measurements. From there we will make changes to your workout and cardio programs, as well as design new diets to give you endless options of meals that are healthy and modulated to fit your body weight goals and energy outputs.

  • In between sessions, you will have contact with your fitness coach daily if needed. So if any questions arise during the week or if you want to make changes to your current workout or diet, you will have the ability to call, text, or email your coach.

All clients will also receive a binder with all of this information plus: glycemic index charts, exchange lists, healthy fast food options incase you are on the go, your weekly measurements, and much more!


Let’s face it, staying healthy and looking your best is not hard to do, but it does take work. If you have all of the tools and knowledge you need to make these goals come true, then your job will be that much easier. There are no magic weight loss pills or exercise programs out there that cover all that it takes to make this a reality. Our program is the only one that covers everything, plus, it’s educational. We are so confident that we guarantee our results, so you have nothing to lose.

Different Types Of Programs We Offer:

In order to fit your needs, we offer different types of programs to fit your personal needs, time schedules, and location.

  • Weekly Consultations at Our Store or Offices:   This is the recommended program that we offer. You will meet with a consultant at one of our offices weekly for a prescribed period of time (this will be determined during your first consultation). From there we can monitor your body fat weekly and make the appropriate changes to your training and diet plans. We can also demonstrate your workout program for you so you know correct form and biomechanics.

  • One Time Consultation:  For those who are already comfortable with resistance training and cardio programs, but reached a plateau in their fat loss or muscle gaining program. We offer a one time consultation that covers all that our weekly program does, but without the follow-ups.

  • Phone and Online Consultations:  For clients who live out of Las Vegas, we offer phone and online consultations. We can still do the personalized nutrition, supplement, resistance training, and cardiovascular programs, but just via email. All of our literature and programs can be converted to a PDF file and sent straight to your email. It adds an additional benefit by allowing you to access your programs from any computer or internet ready phone. We will also talk on the phone for up to an hour to discuss your diet and workout concerns and questions. The only draw back is that we cannot physically measure your body fat or weight. To monitor this, we have a system that allows us to estimate your body fat percentage; it’s called the anthropometric method. This is done by you giving us the circumference measurements of certain body parts and a formula estimates your body fat percentage. All this and much more are included with all of these programs.

  • Free Nutrition and Exercise Seminars:   As a community out reach, we offer free seminars that discuss the truth about diet and exercise. We promise you that if you attend just one of our seminars, you will learn more than you have in years about nutrition and exercise programs. We offer these seminars at private homes, work places, and in our store. There is no pressure to buy anything, just free information to help you reach your fitness goals. Please checkout our section on free seminars on this web site.


For more information about our programs please contact
Michael Konowalski at:
(702) 277-2702 or email at: info@optivitanutrition.com

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