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Nutrition and a healthier way of life is my goal for each of my clients.  I am Michael Konowalski.  Originally from Poland, I made my move to the United States seven years ago.  I quickly realized my degree in Biochemistry would be put to use. I was boxing amateur boxer on and of for 3 years starting at 265 pounds, with 25% body fat. Today I am at 190 pounds with 8% body fat.  My passion for nutrition has me here today.  I am now a Certified Nutritionist (The Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in Poznan –Poland), and own my own nutrition store, Optivita Nutrition.  From personal nutritional consulting to any and all supplements you might need, I am committed to helping you change your way of life. 

My practice emphasizes healthy eating habits and a no-diet approach to nutrition. I encourage my clients to make permanent lifestyle changes because we all know diets don't work. Making behavioral changes such as eating healthy and staying physically active are the keys to a permanent healthy lifestyle.

My biggest success story is my family.  My wife and I believe in healthy eating habits and exercise.  We are instilling this concept in our daughter, Gabrielle.  I am committed to taking the same concept I do with my family, with my clients. 



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Optivita Nutrition (born in Provo, Utah) is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Born in the United States to a Brazilian mother and American father, he moved to Brazil with his family in 1987 at the age of six. Several years later, as a young man he returned to Las Vegas, Nevada to begin college. While in USA,
following his growing interest in martial arts, he began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Lewis-Perderneiras in 1998.
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